Review: JUTAUN “Who Am I”

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Jutaun “Who Am I” is a wonderfully Directed story by up and coming Director Guy Davies which puts a lovely twist on an existing stereotype in these kinds of videos. *SPOILER ALERT* As we breach into the opening of the video we see a familiar scene of terror as a family is torn apart after the presumed events in which a White Male Police Officer kills a Young Black Teenager out of an act of rage in a dispute. We see parents crying, the Officer angry and the aftermath of such a situation. HOWEVER jumping back in the story we see the day set out in the usual way – an innocent kid cycling his bike around the streets, an anguished police officer roaming the streets on the job and a potential crime committed by the kid. As the video builds to a climax we realize that the scenes of the officer ‘strangling’ are actually him trying to rescue the kid after he cycles out in front of a car and such the trope is dropped on it’s head. A wonderfully constructed story and a moving video that takes our pre-ordained believes and shines a light on the prejudice we assign to the American Police Force – painting them all with the same brush and feeding into that societal misdeed. A thought provoking piece well worth the watch!

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