Review: Meeka Kates “Closure”

Community Submission
This next community submitted video is the effortlessly cool Meeka Kates with “Closure” Directed by Husband and Wife duo Silent Tapes. The piece stars Claudia Gould & Nicola D’ Ambrosio in an artsy Black and White studio against the backdrop of… really of the song itself.

Many Music Videos attempt to convey a strong and comples message, story or narrative within their 3 or 4 minutes in our lives and there’s a lot of merit for those who do it successfully. However sometimes all you need is some simple, beautiful visuals and a cracking song and the video speaks for itself. We see both actors sitting, idle, in different studio environments, posing against one another with ever changing lighting and close up glimpses of their intentions. The video stands as a homage to the lust and flirtation between a couple staring at each other from across the room. As the video builds towards the pinnacle line of the song “I want to go home” we see the first instance of disruption in the ranks and hints that perhaps this couple isn’t in such a good way after all. Sexy and cool this video is seriously addictive and simply backdrops the wonderful track from Meeka Kates. We look forward to keeping up with these two for a long time!

One comment

  • Great Review! I am very proud to have been part of this one — Francis and Stephanie are truly wonderful people to work with — their incredibly sensitive use of composition and lighting, combined with their ability to convey powerful emotions, in my opinion is second to none. I would recommend following them (@silenttapes) on Instagram, and checking out their website. (

    Nicola x


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