Review: Farao “Hunter”


Farao is the stage name of Kari Jahnsen, Norwegian songstress putting a haunted twist on folk with off kilt melodies and ghostly harmonies. Directed by Irrum, the video for Hunter mesmerises from the outset, opening with a stunning wide shot of Farao amongst nature, sat upon a tower of rocks as if  her personal throne. What follows is like a photo compilation  featuring beautiful landscapes and a cryptic narrative based on symbolism. Whilst the video may lack pace, it makes up for it in captivating composition and scenery, managing to convey a sense menace appropriate for the sinister track.  The climax  features a number of melodramatic zooms reminiscent of vintage cinema, a quint novelty.

Farao’s debut album Till It’s All Forgotten will be released on September 11th. In the  meantime check out the solemn, stop motion piece Hours

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