Review: Zedd “Beautiful Now”

“Life should be lived to the point of tears”. This weeks video of the week is a ‘beautiful’ portrayal of the Camus mantra and others like it as we see how life should be lived on the edge. Another video by the brilliant Jodeb, this time collaborating with Zedd’s “Beautiful Now”

“Beautiful Now” shows the life of a group of individuals from various walks of life. In each case the individuals are going through some kind of hardship or rebellion and screaming out against the world. A girl on the edge of suicide, a lad stealing from a supermarket and a young man aiming for revenge for his fathers murder are among just some of the stories told in this widespread video. Through the verses of the song we are enticed into their circumstances as they flirt with life and death and everything in between though as the chorus hits we catch the true nature of their souls as they dance and laugh the night away. “Beautiful Now” attempts no mean feat of showcasing a universal connection between all of mankind from many walks of life and the struggles, pitfalls and yet the joy we all go through as we balance the scales of life and happiness. The songs message of beauty bathed in imperfection shines through till the end and makes for a remarkable, enlightening video that forces us to feel one with mankind again.

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