Review: No King For Countrymen “Hospital Beds”

Community Submission
The next community submitted video is Directed by Miguel Barbosa for No King For Countrymen’s “Hospital Beds” and pays homage to the beauty of the wilderness and how that changes with age, following the life of a young boy donning a Nasa Cap.

With an air of an American Summer Indie Flick, “Hospital Bed’s” paints the beautiful picture of how a single location in the world can bear so much meaning for somebody throughout their life. The video begins as we see an older man in the woods, plugging in his iPod, we’re thrust into old memories of place that both nostalgia and a good song can bring. Suddenly we follow a young boy having wild adventures alone in the woods, letting his imagination run wild as he screams into the open air and fights off invisible enemies. This element takes up a large part of the video, in a way mimicking how large a part our childhood plays in our entire beings. Soon we jump to the teenage years as the boy has brought his girlfriend to the woods to revisit an old playground with his new friend, making new memories and reliving the old. The video ends on a final note as we see the boy, now an old man, stare sadly into the same wilderness, wondering where the time has gone by. As we pull out we notice he is in a wheelchair, an indication of his old age but also of his free spirit having been pulled away from him with age. In a final, heartfelt shot, we see him stand. The video plays on the nostalgia of summer and the places we call home. A lovely little watch.

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