Review: Oceaán “Need U”

Directed & Produced by Ozzie Pullin
DOP // Colin Greenall
Dancers // Pj Kirby & Linnea Lagerqvist

Here we see two unrelated characters dancing their way through the suburbs of London on a regular, secluded evening. Similar to the video for Lonely Boy by the Black Keys, we see how joyful and liberating such a simple act can be.

Each dancer seems to adopt a similar style that includes physical theatre-like gestures. The movement builds progressively through each familiar environment, as does the enthusiasm of the two dancers. The choice to leave out any concept of story or relationship between the dancers, other than their paralleling locations, allows space to interpret. They could be celebrating their recently established relationship. They could be two strangers caught in the same moment induced by a certain mystical alignment of stars. Or they could have both just bought Oceaán’s EP and decided to really get to grips with it on a wander through London – the list goes on. The lamp-lit streets and miscellaneous shops make a perfect setting for the celebration of this song, making it an all round feel-gooder. Hope you enjoy.

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