Review: Miguel “Find What You Love and Let It Kill You”

“Find What You Love and Let It Kill You”. Though we’d like to make a special mention for Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” our video of the week this week is instead going to sit in the form of Miguel’s epic which combines 3 videos from his latest album “Wildheart” into one short musical film.

Though the story isn’t complex it does break the boundaries, as is a common theme with Miguel, by stepping into the light of filmmaking as a Musical process and creating something uniquely genuine, and yet exciting till the end.

It’s about being wild enough, crazy enough, delusional enough to ignore—ignore the outside ideals of what you should be.”
Through the video we see Miguel partaking in his usual sexual prowess with a female partner in various situations however despite it’s accurate portrayal of Miguel as a righteous pleasure seeker it does boast some great performances from both himself and his female counterpart. Directed beautifully through three phases of a one-night stand we see Miguel performing, in more ways than one, in an Art Gallery, the shower, a bedroom before hitting the streets the day after as the sun shines down on him and he goes about his life. Sensual, sweet and a somewhat emotional journey through lust and romance this video paints a great picture that many of us wish we could encounter with another human being. Hooked till 12:49 this, as always, is well worth the watch!

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