Review: Emilie Nicholas


Rising star Emilie Nicolas shines in the luminous pop ballad “Pstereo”, where she contrasts angsty verses against a booming chorus. It acts as the first cut from her brilliant debut album “Like I’m a Warrior”. For the visuals, director Emile Rafael draws us into a false sense of familiarity as we’re greeted with wide spanning shots of dewy mountainous landscapes, a pretty sight but a grounded One none the less. Echoing the sudden intrusion of the song’s chorus, the video suddenly presents a giant whale cascading through the gloomy clouds, shifting the tone of the video into something more magical and surreal.

Where her music is concerned, Emilie is not easily defined. Much of her album takes a darker, more solemn route then Pstereo such as stand-out track “Fail” which keeps you on your toes with its erratic evolution, transforming into a rapturous, electronic heavy tirade. Other gems such as Melancholia transcend into something spiritual, with mellow synths and thundering percussion taking us on existential journey as she sings “Let me lay here til the sun dies”. What we’re certain of is that “Like I’m a Warrior” solidifies Emilie’s status as one to watch!

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