Review: The Milk Carton Kids “Poison Tree”

Community Submission

This weeks video of the week is a rare entry as we award a Community Submission the title. We apologise for the late entry into this this week but honestly, we were feeling a little uninspired, that is until we were sent this Mike Venezia directed clip for The Milk Carton Kids “Poison Tree”. This sweet story of an aging security guard sets the backbones of this video to the heartfelt tune by the duo.

“Poison Tree” showcases the solemn scenes of an empty shopping mall at night as an elderly security guards slowly wanders the corridors. A true picture of age and life is present as he trudges, lonely and thoughtful through the mall. Staring out of the window and sitting in the food court we catch the essence of this man, who has clearly been a presence in this establishment for many years. He begins to have flashbacks of fond memories as youngsters storm through the hallways and a young woman holds his hands at a table we see the delight in his eyes disappear as these flashbacks move on. As the video moves slowly forward we finally get a dissonant and explosive ending as he break dances in the center of the mall, showcasing an era of youth and life still somewhere within him, despite the bold moves the lonely imagery and solemn songwriting still help to underpin this with a melancholy that really touches the heart. A well devised and produced Music Video from a great Community Submission.

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