Review: FKA twigs ” M3LL155X”


FKA twigs is already established here as a OTE regular and unsurprisingly her deliverance of a Visual EP caught our attention. M3LL155X (pronounced MELLISSA) joins the rank of musical works delivered along a conceptual short film, a trend ever-increasing as musical artist blur the lines between their visual and sonic output. The official press release describes the short as “an aggressive statement conceptualizing the process of feeling pregnant with pain, birthing creativity and liberation.” The self-directed film explores 4 of the EP’s 5 tracks, each interconnected in theme, something the visual offering truly reinforces. The narrative of seeking to be objectified and obsessed  over in “I’m Your Doll”, Segway into the pulsing “In Time” where discontent is rife and one seeks a better connection and commitment from a partner, to finally finding a wonderfully bizarre liberation in “Glass and Patron”.

Our favourite offering is the stunningly shot “Figure 8”. A tonal piece featuring artist Michèle Lamy , exuding a majestic energy, dressed head to toe in eclectic jewelry with a glowing orb dangling from her headscarf. The abstract soundtrack, art direction, captivating performance and appropriately glitchy edits all synergize to brilliant effect.

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