Review: Atoka Chase “Abraham”

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Another fantastic entry into the one-shot genre of filmmaking which is fast becoming one of my favourite genre’s. This time in the form of Atoka Chase “Abraham” created by the brilliant new talent of Patrick Mason. A suspenseful video builds to a twisting climax in this fantastic wooded setting.

‘Abraham’ starts heavy with a driving intro to the song as we see a man and a woman, who appear to be labourers or farmers of some kind in appearance, staring blankly at one another, clearly upset over what we can only guess to be a severe argument. The woman, the more upset of the two, tanks off in the opposite direction with purpose and anger. The most part of the video follows her as she trudges her way to the treeline to what reveals to be a small cabin. However as she reaches the cabin she pauses for only a moment before picking up a rifle and heading back out. The tension rises as we understand she might shoot her partner for whatever wrongdoing he has concocted and not until the last moment do we realise the very different reality (that’s right, this time I’m not going to spoiler it for you!). A Fantastically constructed story which poses a single question and builds to a rippling climax. A showcase of humanity and our immediate application of reason onto a situation without any real evidence. Well worth a watch!

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