Review: The Chemical Brothers “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted”

And the award for coolest Sci-Fi Music Video goes too….. The Chemical Brothers, kicking back with their new hit “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted”. Directed by Ninian Doff and staring some fantastic talent (as well as excellent Special Effects) we are transported to a future distopian adventure set in a vast empty desert.

The tone of the video is set instantly from the outset as a scraping noise can be heard to reveal a young girl limping across the desert. A Beautiful Blue hue to the video creates a moody and melancholic atmosphere as we are enlightened to more and more injuries sustained by our heroine. A desperate trudge makes our way to a old “Wizard of Oz” style robot sat by a petrol pump. Suddenly out of nowhere our heroine takes hold of the petrol pump and lodges it firmly in her throat, from this point on we are entered into a game of cat and mouse as mercenaries, a second robot companion and a rather brutally beautiful murder sequence that puts Transformers to shame, but makes David Fincher very proud, builds to an epic climax as the tables are turned against our Mercenary hunters and our Heroine gets her power back.

A Frigging cool video that will honestly hook you till the very end. Shot truly beautifully and Directed with excellence. Bravo team!

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