Review: Foals “Mountain At My Gates”

Directed by NABIL for United Realities
Shot 100% on the GoPro HERO camera from

Foals are back! (*Cheers all around*) And I am happy to present you with this stunner of a video for their latest song – a 360 degree music video that allows you to watch from various angles as it happens, all straight from your Youtube window.

The feature allows you to drag the screen similar to the way you would on Google Maps. Other than its interactivity, the video content is relatively simple. We can see the band and their doppelgangers bopping outside an estate, overlooked by a growing mountain range and a plethora of crows. Small details dive in and out (I think I saw a dog at one point but am failing to find it since!), but the majority is constant. This prepares you to focus on enjoying the bands performance, literally from all angles and in different ways for each reincarnation. I found myself swirling in circles and stopping to catch moments in which Yannis Philippakis was somehow on his own, contrasting the consistent movement when looking directly at either of the full bands. In this way, you’re seeing a different video every time.

The surroundings grow more frantic with the song as it builds, and the mountains don’t stop their rising until the close of the song. It fits the lyrical themes quite uncompromisingly, which can sometimes become negative if the director’s leaving no room for the audience to interpret. However, for this it sits perfectly. All the arrows point to the same journey; a journey that starts with a mountain and ends with overcoming it. A MUST WATCH I would say.

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