Review: PHFat & Al Bairre “Caviar Dreams”

Moving, haunting and distinguished. All words to describe this weeks Video Of The Week “Caviar Dreams” from PHFat & Al Bairre. Directed by Daniel Levi, this video takes the very real situation of disabused youngsters reacting negatively to the world and lashing out in unison. Subtly told through the eyes of a young woman on the edge we see how this reality unfolds.

‘Caviar Dreams’ hits us straight off the bat with a young woman going through a clear hard time. But what begins as a standard video takes a sudden twist as she pulls a gun from her bedroom drawer, applies a V for Vendetta style mask and hits the streets. We see her progress through the day, picking new inanimate targets to shoot at, trees and rivers all build up to a final confrontation with an elderly man in his car. She pulls the gun on him only to change her mind and run in the opposite direction, afraid of what she has become. Cut into this are shots of boiling blood cells, a group of youngers meeting in the forest and a haunting warehouse in which our protagonist takes flight in front of her peers all sum up the inconsistency of her mind and the building rage that comes with that. However there is a distinct glimmer of hope in this fable as we see her refrain from acting on impulse and instead seeking the comfort of community before finally tossing the gun into the river.

Take from this what you will but it is a very timely video shot beautifully by Jamie Ramsay and Directed with a lot of heart from Daniel Levi.

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