Review: Coeur de Pirate “Crier Tout Bas”

The latest Promo from Kevin Calero see’s the Director taking strong influence from the photography of Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi in this beautiful performance video for French group Coeur de Pirate with “Crier Tout Bas”

This video is focused entirely on Coeur de Pirate singer Béatrice Martin as she sings the song emphatically at the base of an empty swimming pool, dressed as a home. Inter cut with beautiful landscapes and open spaces the video plays to an edge of seclusion, introversion and entrapment as Martin runs around the swimming pool, banging against it’s tall walls and moving in despair among it’s furnishings. As Martin performs we however see a distinct upward focus as she looks to the skies for help. Tied with the landscapes and shots of her laying in a pool of water she is trapt within herself trying to escape as the sun slowly sets on the scene. A final, hopeful shot of Martin wondering across the desert ends this visually beautiful video which feel, as the song title suggests, like a whisper wanting to escape.

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