Review: V V Brown “Lazarus”


Domineering in a visual piece reminiscent of dystopian propaganda, V V Brown takes center stage in the operatic “Lazarus”, directed by Dan Price.

A sparse room plays set to the proceedings. Abstract archival footage project onto the backdrop whilst a disengaged, robotic V V stands center frame with a flag by her side. Evoking a public service announcement, she chants the chorus of “Rise it all up!”, it feels like galvanizing call to arms. Her attire evokes symbolism of the French Revolution whilst her regally cropped hair resonates as something more authoritarian, the type of bob you’d expect the head teacher from hell to adorn. Gradually the video crescendo’s with the demolition of ornaments and an increasingly provocative edit. Looping footage interlace over each in repeated patterns to stunning effect.

The song itself is a gorgeous slice of electronica, with hypnotic vocal distortions and reverting synths. Lazarus serves as the second Cut from V V Brown’s  “Glitch” album which is available now.

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