Review: Beeple “Zero-Day”

This weeks VIDEO OF THE WEEK is actually not quite what you’d expect, that being, it’s not technically a Music Video but instead the latest Music-led piece of work from V.J. and Cinema 4D expert “Beeple” also known as Mike Winkelmaan.

Zero-Day is a visual feast, expecially for any Visual Effects nuts out there, as Beeple takes us on a journey through the inner working of a machine environment whilst warning us of the impending horrors of a Cyber War between the US and China. In the light of recent Cyber Hacking and the advancements of technology in general warfare around the globe this is a timely piece which brings to light a very real fear. Led with thumping, driving music from Standingwave the piece drags us through a hypnotic and somewhat epic journey as a voice over ignites in us the situation at hand. Beautiful visuals and a building 3-part structure which just gets better and better, this video is a feast for the eyes and ears and well worth paying attention too – however you feel about your Iphone.

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