Review: Chairlift “Ch-Ching”


New York based duo Chairlift take us on a trip in the bombastic, genre bending “Ch-Ching”. The type of  transformative pop song where your first listen you has you chasing the morphing production and silky vocal gymnastics courtesy of lead singer Caroline Polachek. One minute horns are booming, then we swap to heavy base before gliding into a more minimalist production, eventually climaxing with a melodic, synth heavy outro.

Directed by That Go, the video presents a run and gun mix of  eclectic  choreography by Korie Genius, performed by Caroline as if she’s improvising on the spot, zipping back and forth as slick as the songs production. The camera work is equally as ecstatic, always on the move and heightening the energy alongside clever time remapping. Another particularly striking element of the visuals is the bold orange on blue colour palette, delivering a live pop art aesthetic.

Chairlift are in no way new to the scene with 2 great albums already under their belts. However “Ch-Ching” represents a new direction for them, incorporating hip hop and jazzy elements into their distinct 80s influenced sounds, as such they’re this weeks One-to-Watch.  “Ch-Ching” will be followed by their 3rd full length LP entitled “Moth”, arriving January 2016.

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