Review: Jack Garratt “Breathe Life”


Jack Garratt is a rising star, bridging the gap between soulful RnB and experimental post dub to beautiful, refreshing effect. His silky delivery slides over instrumentals that transform within the blink of an eye from something minimal and introverted to something urgent and grand the next. His most recent video  “Breathe Life” opens in sombre tone as we  see him afloat a rich blue lake, reminiscing a love he holds sacred. As we approach the chorus, synchronised swimmers erupt the surface, serenading jack as they circle his still body. “Breathe life into these dead lungs” He sings. The Water soon turn an ominous dark grey as the ladies of the deep vanish from sight. It feels as if his peace is a fragile one and the presence of the women are the only thing keeping him  from realising the starkness of his reality.


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