“Welcome Home” Apple HomePod Advert


Whatever your opinions on the world of Apple, one thing that can’t be argued is that they are often ahead of the game in innovating mobile technologies. That may have been true, until the Home Pod, which to me is a little late to the party in light of the Google and Amazon alternatives. This makes Spike Jonze advert all the more powerful as I want one, now.

Apple teamed up with legendary Director Spike Jonze (Her) to create their new campaign for the ‘HomePod’. In the video we see the very talented FKA Twigs meandering through the mundane on her way home. The grey world around her as imposing as you could imagine, something we can all relate to I’m sure. The melancholy of this build up is poignant and tactful as it contrasts so heavily to the world we’re about to enter. As Twigs arrives home she asks HomePod to play her something she would like, and suddenly, the weird and wonderful world erupts around her as her quaint flat transforms into a surreal palace, all controllable through her dance. The film crescendos in a multi coloured hallway of the likes only Stanley Kubrick might have imagined. As the advert draws to a close Twigs spirals back onto her sofa, the room resets and we’re back in reality. A visceral experience that has to be seen to be believed.

What stands out from Spike Jonze advert is just that, “seen to be believed”. As a filmmaker watching this advert my mind jumped to the conclusion any sane filmmakers might – green screen and a heavy VFX budget – but as you will discover in this in depth and brilliant Behind The Scenes Documentary from AdWeek below, it is everything but. That’s right IT’S ALL FREAKING REAL. And that is why Spike Jonze is the greatest.



I am Dann Emmons, an aspiring Filmmaker from London and Founder of One Thousand Eyes.

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