Review: OK GO “This Too Shall Pass”

Director: James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs.
Producer: Shirley Moyers

OK GO have a reputation for making music videos that drop the jaw with their slick execution and home-made approach on increasingly larger scales. This one is no exception.

There are a number of highly impressive features of this video. Once you’ve watched it, remind yourself that it’s all in one shot and that the machine in the video, named the Rube Goldberg Machine, was created by the band (along with the help of Syyn Labs). Not only is the dedication impressive, but THE MACHINE IS INSANE. By three quarters of the way through you are looking for something, any kind of flaw, to show that this actually wasn’t as hard as it looks. Because the precision, the design, the fact that it works without fail for 3 minutes and 54 seconds, is why this video deserves every level of praise. The amount of love and attention that went into this video is apparent from the moment the red car hits the dominos. Semiotically, each element can be seen to relate back to the idea of temporality and the unstoppable flow of life. The small theatre shows, the mountain paintings bowled away by a silver sphere, the death of a piano. The simple concept of the chain reaction links beautifully with the title of the song ‘This Too Shall Pass.’ The piece could not be better thought out. I really, really enjoy watching this video.

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