Review: Aaron Sillis “Julia” & “tw-ache”


Aaron Sillis is a Norfolk native choreographer, movement director & dancer who is readied to take music video world by storm in 2015. He has danced with the likes of Rihanna, Kylie and Katy Perry but it’s his recent efforts as choreographer for Jungle and FKA twigs that leave us absolutely gripped and eagerly awaiting his next move.

The video for “Julia” has a troupe of dancers led by Jordan Melchor fulfil Sillis’s choreography with punch and feist. The elaborately choreographed set piece is extremely impactful and Aaron has designed such multifaceted movement here. From elements of Capoeira styled fighting, to movements invoking vogue and even disco. The video will have you glued from start to finish.



Hypnotic comes to mind when describing FKA’s video for “tw-ache”, a remix of 2012 track “ache” so distinguished it’s essentially a new song. Performance is king here as twig’s and her two companions (Aaron himself and Denzel Daniels) exert their bodies in a way that effortlessly flows between the raw and honest emotion of improv dance, to the beautiful choreographed nature of courtship. Slanted angles and visual distortion paints a dreamlike landscape, the bleak colour palette and bare setting ensures your eyes don’t leave the talent for a second. At moments twigs seems almost as transfixed as us, eyes closed, dancing in a hypnotized state, potentially dreaming of a lover? Don’t let the grey and blue hues deceive you, this is a sizzling affair.

We look forward to seeing more of Aaron Sillis in 2015.


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