Review: Chløë Black “27 Club”


“Lifetime membership “27 Club” Can I get in?”

There is this idea that troubled souls make the greatest musicians and in order to achieve such greatness one must sacrifice their health and sanity for artistic feats.

Chløë Black explores these themes on her haunting new single and music video “27 Club” in which she makes a deal with the devil. Titled after the infamous club of musicians who met their early demise at hand of such things as drug abuse and suicide, Chløë romanticises the idea of death in exchange for fame.

Visually the vintage music video for “27 Club” looks like a Gothic black and white painting. The Calum Macdiarmid clip even utilises actual wet paint on the dark and sinister figure to add to the aesthetic. This is then accompanied by brush strokes overlaid on top of the video footage. Lighting also plays an integral part in the video creating moody shadows and allowing the beautiful textures pop off the screen. All these elements transport us to days gone by as we view the demise of a troubled singer in search of stardom.




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