Review: Siska “Unconditional Rebel”


Is it possible to shoot a music video in just five seconds? Is this the shortest video shoot ever? I think so! “Unconditional Rebel” serves as the debut single from Siska and for the music video; the French singer tapped filmmaker Giullaume Panariello to direct the clip along with Benoit Maffone for visual effects.


Capturing the 80 extras meticulously placed across an industrial field was a Phantom 4K attached to a seat of a car driving at 31mph. Shooting at 1000 frames per second, the 3.5-minute video was shot in a mere five seconds. Once played back at a standard frame rate, the result is a breathtaking moving mural unfolding in slow motion before our eyes. In the clip we see a drunken angel, an airborne cat and a chainsaw wielding bride along with many more interesting characters bursting on screen with each passing frame. Moving across the anarchic field Siska is seen composited amongst her “Unconditional Rebels” at various points in the video. An artistic feat indeed!

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