Review: Halston “New York”


Something a little different for you Music Video fans out there. The world of Fashion Film is as beautiful and creative as the world of Music Video but unfortunately a truly great video is far and few between. However, in 2009 Halston released this fashion short for their brand reinvention in New York. Directed by the wonderfully talented Nez Khammal, it certainly deserves a mention.

The video is shot to be a one-take wonder with fantastic action happening along a New York street as we follow the beautiful Dree Hemingway running along. The film was shot at a high frame rate, to be slowed down later, to give the impression of a slow motion run. Clever cuts were also made to hide the transition between takes (much like the ever popular Birdman). It really is a fantastically composed piece with a great visual spur that deserves a place in the OTE archives. Enjoy.

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