Review: Jack White “High Ball Stepper”


Jack White has been making legendary music videos with The White Stripes and his other endeavors for many years as we all know. However the most interesting video off his latest album ‘Lazaretto’ isn’t actually one of the lead singles but instead an instrumental track half way through the album. Directed by Ben Swank & James Cathcart ‘High Ball Stepper’ is a beautiful piece of art that remains quite hypnotic.

The video expresses the physical effect of sound and music on inanimate liquids – such as paint – in a visual masterpiece. The paint has been delicately lain upon the sub woofers of a speaks and as the song build we are subjected to the explosive and manic reaction the paint has to the song. It’s a fantastic idea for a music video, and a fantastic idea for a piece of artwork and they marry together perfectly in this respect. Enjoy this non-conventional piece of wonder.

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