Review: Clipping “Summertime”


Carlos Lopez Estrada is on a roll int he music video at the moment, releasing a flurry of interesting videos in the last year alone. Today we’re having a look at one of his common collaborations with Hip Hop group Clipping and their track “Summertime”. A weirdly surreal trip which grants a unique visual experience.

Summertime see’s a surreal beach scene, shot in classic artsy black and white, as a troupe of attractive men and women in swimwear parade around the beach with their mouth and eyes digitally replaced with members of the rap group. The video feels like a child’s scrapbook montage in motion and plays out to the lyrics of the track wonderfully. At the pinnacle of the video one of the members seems to be arrested by local police for lacking a permit to film the music video, whether this is performed or not is neither here or there as it provides a beautiful end to the story.

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