Review: Ariel Pink “Dayzed Inn Daydreams”

“I died unknown

Stillborn, one morning”

“Dayzed Inn Daydreams” is from Ariel Pinks (double) Album “Pom Pom” and marks his 3rd collaboration with director Grant Singer, who also co-edited the video with Book Linder. More of a short film then a music video, it was filmed as part of a trio of music videos, these include Ariel Pinks “Put Your Number In My Phone,” and “Picture Me Gone”.

“Dayzed Inn Daydreams” shows us a day in the life of an ageing rock star, past his glory days. Rick Wilder, the legendary frontman of L.A punk band “MAU MAU” from the 70s, plays the rock star.  Dressed in leather and studs, we watch as Rick goes about his daily life working in a supermarket, riding the bus, visiting an elderly lady at a nursing home, being shouted at by his younger boss. His life is dull and ordinary, a stark dismal look at reality, which is made all the more blatant when he performs with passion on a small bar stage, shining his light on the few patrons there, “I’m Broadway Kurt Cobain, clap your hands I’m coming back again!” he sings and they smile.

The video is brought to a close as Rick talks to a teenager called Angel, watch till the end because his last four words will linger in your mind.

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