Review: FKA Twigs “Glass & Patron”

“Walk, 2, 3, now hold that pose for me”

FKA Twigs once again dazzles us with her creative genius in this latest video. Edited beautifully by Julia Knight and co-written/produced by Twigs herself and the former enigma that is BOOTS. “Glass & Patron” is the official music video for the 2015 YouTube Music Awards, and will be included on FKA Twigs new EP “EP3”. The video begins with Twigs giving birth to a flood of colour, which is subtlety revealed through lovely close up shots to be team of dances, and so begins what can only be described as an epic vogue battle. FKA twigs, Benjamin Milan and Aaron Sillis fuse their skills together in an artistic melting pot to choreograph this electric and technically vivid dance routine. I will say no more, have a watch for yourself as Twigs literally gives birth to creativity.

“Am I dancing sexy yet?”

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