Review: Florence + The Machine “What Kind Of Man”

Florence Welch and her merry men have recently released a flurry of Music Videos in the wake of the much anticipated new album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” coming later this year. Our favorite of these videos being “What Kind Of Man” which plays out as more of a short art film than a music video and features some beautiful cinematography from Steve Annis and wonderful Direction from Vincent Haycock (who directed the other released videos too).

“What Kind Of Man” begins with a tender scene between Florence and her on-screen partner riding along, talking about the night before. After flashes of sexual content and about a minute and a half later the song begins and we are subjected to sights of what is presumably the couples love life. Eerie and outright unhappy, these sights give us insight into the couples inner sanctum, outside of the initial sweetness at the start of the video. The video hits a climax in the middle as a car crash sends Florence flying and a stream of men dance around her. Anger, tension and rage flood the remainder of the video as Florence screams, lusts and fights against the men featured in the video. The video ends anti-climatically as she pulls herself from the wreckage of the car already depicted. As Florence herself has said, she has deviated from her usual fantasy and based her upcoming songs in reality and grounding this intense piece in real-life relationships is certainly a step in this direction.

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