Review: Bombay Bicycle Club “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”

Director – Anna Ginsburg
Animator – Anna Ginsburg
Costume Designer -Daisy Azis
Graphic Designer – Freddy Taylor
Set designer/model-maker – Anna Ginsburg
Model-makers – Archie Stewart, Anna Pearson, Emily Bowen, Faith Elliott

Where do we go when we sleep? Across the across and on a ladder to the moon of course. Or at least it’s a possibility. Maybe not. But this video does well to show you how wonderful a sleep adventure could be.

Anna Ginsberg creates an adventure for her model of a boy who is simply escaping the confines of his room to explore a mysterious, flying jelly fish populated space. This space includes a convenient ocean to sail across, a moon like planet covered full of sucker shapes, and, of course, this heart warming, brilliantly designed protagonist. He explores this world paddle or spoon in hand with an unfaltering smile. The stop motion short-film won the Bafta New Talent Award 2012 for Best New Work and is called ‘The Distance of the Moon’.

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