Review: Hundred Waters


This weeks artist spotlight belongs to the splendid quartet Hundred Waters. The band came to our attention with their sophomore effort “The Moon Rang Like a Bell”, a second LP and stage to an evolution which see’s them expertly blend the glowing whimsy of their first album with a new found sonic darkness, heavier percussion and stronger lyrical clarity. The result is one of the best of albums of 2014. The band bravely pull and tug on the level of the production with sparse minimal moments quickly being succeeded and juxtaposed by crashing synthetic sounds. Similarly vocalist Nicole Miglis isn’t afraid to give way to the production with songs like ‘No Sound’ escalating into a thumbing heartbeat of percussion and ascending synths, a brilliant contrast to the almost acapella opening number “Show me love”.

Delivering on the music front, the bands visuals present promise of a vibrant and diverse videography in the making. With each new treatment they experiment and tonally materialize their songs in unique ways. Undoubtedly our favorite offering so far is the captivating “Cavity” which plays with light and negative space to give birth to some transfixing optical illusions. Get acquainted with visual below:

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