Hozier “Work Song”

This weeks video of the week is dedicated to up-and-coming newbie Hozier. Most of you will know his breakout hit “Take Me To Church” but might not know his latest release “Work Song”. The internet have already created ‘unofficial’ videos to a lot of Hozier songs, this one not excluded, but the Official video is a thing of grace. A strange, emotional piece. With wonderful Direction from Isaac Ravishankara and Director of Photography Kevin Phillips.

“Work Song” sets itself up as a simple performance video of the band on stage and a crowd forming. The building is interesting, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. In essence the video itself doesn’t break any boundaries not already explored by other artists, it just does it better, and that’s why we here are OTE garner it with so much love. Once the crowd begin to dance a modern contemporary interpretation of the song, couples begin to form and the whole crowd erupts into a beautiful, graceful performance worthy of the song itself. The strongest element of the video however, it has to be said, is the wonderful cinematography from Kevin Phillips in a fantastic landscape of spot lights, moving beams and wandering sources. It is a hypnotic, heartfelt piece that deserves to be recognized as taking the norm, and kicking it’s ass.

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