Review: Eaves “Pylons”

Eaves is a relatively little known talent in the music world right now but is certainly a talent to watch. His debut video for his song ‘Pylons’ was released a few weeks ago and it marks the start of a hopefully long era of Eaves. Created by the group ‘Scratch’ Pictures based in London and features a wonderful performance of dance and intensity from the outset.

The video begins in a beautiful cliff-side landscape at the crack of dawn. A Woman is washed upon sea and proceeds to interpret the music into an intense and beautiful performance of dance and acrobatics. With no indication to who she is or where she has come from we are only left to question her delivery from the sea itself and her reaction to the earth. Writhing on the beach; falling in the mud or dancing aggressively in a field this video combines some wonderful choreography and cinematography as we watch this woman against stark backdrops, which we catch the occasional glimpses too. It almost feels like a love letter to the British coast and certainly boasts a love of the song itself. The final shot of the video sees our protagonist screaming into the world as we cut to black and the song ends. A perhaps juxtaposed image to the soft serenity of the song but certainly a powerful end which leaves you with a shiver. Enjoy.

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