Review: Hot Sugar “Sinkies”


“Sinkies is a word my ex-girlfriend came up with to describe the feeling of having your heart drop into your stomach — whether it be caused by jealousy, defeat or just plain depression.” – BuzzFeed

Hot Sugar released the surreal music video for “Sinkies” in late February. The hazy Nick Koenig directed clip is a bizarre love story told through the lens of social media and crime. Opening up with a bit of casual dog abuse, “Sinkies” progressively gets kookier with the protagonist trying to win the affection of the girl he likes by stealing the bike of a love rival. Aesthetically, the music video for “Sinkies” is just as trippy as the music itself with beautifully lit scenes full of colourful eye-popping objects accompanied with bizarre subtitles. Oh and the awesome shot of the smoke bubble being popped with that knife! I’m not sure what I just watched but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

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