Review: Porter Robinson ft Urban Cone “Lionhearted”


This summer romp from 2014 delivers the kind of energy that romanticizes the rebellion and freedom associated with adolescence. Directed by frequent collaborator Jodeb, this Porter Robinson visual follows a rag tag gang lead by Robinson as they run rampage on the streets with a random assortment of weapons at their disposal. As they vandalize the streets, the surfaces they strike with their weapons explode with vibrant neon effects and before long the dull cityscape is alight. The rich cinema grain, low resolution camcorder moments and deployment of digital artifacts give a low-fi aesthetic, very much in tune with the infectious synthesized track Robinson has crafted. With hasty cuts by Jodeb who adds editing to his credit, alongside swooping cinematography from Chase Irvin; the team brings to life a cool and delighting video treatment. There’s a loose plot in here somewhere but we’ll let you find it for yourselves. Enjoy!

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