Review: Jhené Aiko “Eternal Sunshine”


Despite great loss and personal tragedy, Jhené Aiko continues to focus on “all of the good things, good things” on her latest video for “Eternal Sunshine”. Dedicated to her brother who died of cancer back in 2012, the  Jay Ahn directed clip combines the traumatic event with a car crash Jhené, along with several  loved ones including daughter Namiko faced back in 2013. The reflective video opens with a shot of Jhené composited on top of a highway, as the song progresses, Jhené begins to ascend revealing a fatal collision below. Spliced in between this horrific scene are quick bursts of joy in the form of flashbacks, the kind of flashbacks one has before the end. Once it’s all said and done, it’s “all of the good things” we wish to remember.





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