Review: Marika Hackman “Drown”


This weeks video of the week comes from one of our favourite Directing duo’s Brian and Karl. Masters of the surreal – and often very dark – Music Video they’ve yet again created a beautiful piece for Marika Hackman’s “Drown” a bittersweet song told dramatically through the strong visual imagery of a woman being drowned.

Shot by the beautiful underwater DOP Mark Silk this piece is a wonderfully dark incarnation of what is effectively a murder in slow motion as a woman fights hard against the hand that holds her in the water. Shot spectacularly against the stark backdrop we are given no relief from the situation and are subjected to every moment as she begins to sing along to the song, accepting her fate, or at least not wise to it. As the video builds to the climax of the song the protagonist becomes more and more violent against her abuser and tries to fight back to the surface of the water. Well, it would be hoped that she might escape towards the end of the video but sincerely it’s left quite ambiguous as a shoe is left floating singularly in the deep.

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