Review: Alt-J “Hunger of the Pine”

I’m sure by now you have all heard of Alt-J, who came to success really when they’re hit single “Breezeblocks” was picked up. If you have been following their career their music has gone form strength the strength and it keeps getting better. Their second album was a big mark on the music world and launched the band to a whole new level. Today we pay tribute to the first video off of the Album “Hunger of the Pine” Directed by the fantastic Nabil.

Sometimes, a simple concept done well can speak mountains and we were glad to see Alt-J’s style and dark substance greet us in this video. Hunger of the Pine sees a man running through a woods away from the onslaught of arrows from unseen hunters. As the video progresses a first arrow strikes our protagonist and he is thrown out of tread. The graphic image of an arrow is reveled to have lodged itself through his body and yet he keeps on running. As he hits the open ground more arrows continue to penetrate him, slicing their way through his body, arms and finally his neck. Brutal and brilliant the video ends as he reaches a canister in the center of the field and douses himself in petrol. He turns and smiles as he invited the horde or flaming arrows soaring above, ready to bore down on him. To me the video speaks about taking control of your own destiny. This video has stuck with me to this very day and has haunted me in the best way possible.

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