Review: Semi Precious Weapons “Aviation High”

This Semi Precious Weapons video hits on the hidden lives of our ‘upper classes’ and mocks the class system; painting a more complex image of humanity. Directed by Raphael Chatelain and shot beautifully by Avi Cohen, this video brings an interesting visual to a anthemic song by Semi Precious Weapons.

In the video we are subjected to strong visuals depicting the ‘secret lives’ of a suburban family. Beginning in a traditional ‘Family Dinner’, served with a portion of pleasantry and a side dish of small talk and forced smiles we very quickly deteriorate into perversion and subversion as the family parts way for the evening. This of course isn’t every household in the world, nor is it what the video is about. It simply explores the inner self and how people put on a fake, often judgmental, front to society that doesn’t truly represent who they are behind closed doors. A social commentary on being more accepting of one another and being more honest with the world, this video sends out a positive message within it’s mockery. A great little piece.

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