Review: Wretch 32 “When I See You, I See Me”

This weeks video of the week is more a piece of Poetry than it is a Music Video. But we loved it so much over here at OTE we decided we just didn’t care. As a beautiful monologue is read aloud by Wretch 32, showcasing the build from the mean streets to super stardom, Rohan Blair-Mangat Directs a beautiful depiction of art in the modern day.

“When I See You, I See Me” begins with the beautiful shot of Wretch stood statute as the center piece of an Art Gallery, representing his status in his own career right now, at the center of his art form. We catch glimpses of the streets, desolate and haunting, as Wretch tells us about the horrors he faced growing up there. As Wretch patrols the art gallery, a viewer and spectator, we are subjected to a few of the old souls still left behind. With a feeling of community and support, Wretch pays tribute to those still standing where he once stood. Finally, a blind woman dances serenely to the words in an urban setting, blind to the way things are, blind to the way things could be. A haunting and beautiful tribute Wretch 32’s reflective lyricism shines through in this video and deserves a moment of thought.

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