Review: Sia “Big Girls Cry”

Directed by Sia and Daniel Askill
Featuring Maddie Ziegler
Choreographer – Ryan Heffington

If anyone’s making a reputation for being involved in consistently impressive choreography based music videos, it’s the following three: Sia, Ryan Heffington and Maddie Ziegler. Ryan Heffington has also worked on the choreography for FKA Twig’s media, as mentioned in my previous post for the song Video Girl(
Sia has excited the music world by continuously representing herself though Maddie Ziegler, never showing her face. And Maddie Ziegler shows off her ability once again in this more simple video, using only facial gestures to create this visual work of mad genius.

What I love each time I watch a Sia release is the clear emphasis on both supporting genuine talent and presenting human expression in a unique way. In ‘Big Girls Cry’ we are not disappointed, as both pace and inventiveness is mastered with no interruption from lighting, props, or other actors (other than a brief appearance from a set of unidentified hands to add to the facial movements).

Maddie Ziegler’s execution of Ryan Heffingtons frantic choreography builds a story as much as it simply inspires awe. As usual I could talk for hours but I’ve said enough. It just needs to be watched. And I hope to see more from all three of the above mentioned artists in the future.

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