Review: Yassou Benedict “Youngblood”

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At One Thousand Eyes we are always on the lookout for people who push the boundaries and experiment with techniques that others have only touched upon. Gary Yost’s video for Yassou Benedict ‘Youngblood’ is a prime example of this mantra. Shot entirely on Infrared camera’s and lenses by the wonderful Gary Yost and Colin Drake, ‘Youngblood’ features some of the best visuals in this medium.

Shot entirely in Infrared, ‘Youngblood’ begins with a synchronized swimming demonstration in a small backyard pool, performed by  the world-famous synchronized water performance team, The Aqualilies. In essence the video is composed on some beautiful visuals and on the surface (pre-pun intended) doesn’t offer a traditional ‘story’. However this perception is entirely wrong as it delves much deeper (again.. intended) that you might think. The song ‘Youngblood’ is “about being young and unafraid, and the video production style attempts to embody this theme.” The way Infrared Camera’s work, as a by product, effectively gives the audience a view through the outer layer of the performers skin and into the layers underneath. This emulates this theme of being young and wearing the world on your sleeve, everything on the surface, and  ignoring the undertones and emotions lurking beneath. This all pairs together to create a surreal, poignant and interesting theme in the video. A great concept delivered excellently. Enjoy this and watch out for the Infrared revolution!

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