Review: Adult Jazz


Adult Jazz are one of those rare bands that manage to defy genre norms and produce something truly unique and innovative. Their 2014 debut album”Gist Is” is a rich assortment of quaint harmonies, flourishes of world music and a mix of more familiar indie riffs. “Idiot Mantra” resonates as one of the album stand outs and is the most sonically strikingly of the collection; with its feral drums, bi-polar pacing and layered vocals. If you’ve yet to be acquainted with the band and have an appetite for something fresh their album is a must listen.

The video for “Idiot Mantra” dubbed “Community Rhythms”  does not stand as a big technical or design achievement but it delivers something appropriately unassuming, yet quite left field. The whole affair has subtle, low-budget, Wes Anderson tinge to it that we love and fits the songs bizarreness perfectly.

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