Review: Seinabo Sey “Hard Time”

Director: Casper Balslev

Producer: Joel Rostmark

DOP: Niklas Johansson,

Seinabo Sey uses an archaic house setting as the scene of this video, accompanied by a large group of friends to eat, dance and celebrate in the various rooms the house holds. The result is a brooding, entrancing montage of colourful images and oddities.

The video has a lot of character. As Seinabo stares down the lense, throws her cards and dances in the changing light, the effect is hypnotic. The group populate the space with moments of stylised movement, illusive stillness and genuine fun-having. Each shot is visually striking and beautiful to behold. For me it’s joyful to watch each person own the space they have chosen, and the whole thing radiates power from it. This is a strong accompaniment to the song, and is difficult to stop watching.

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