Review: Cais Sodre Funk Connection “Offbeat”

This weeks Video Of The Week is a little more fun than our usual roster and comes in the form of Richard F. Coelho latest Directorial feast “Offbeat” by Funk/Jazz group Cais Sodre Funk Connection.

“Offbeat” is a marvel of visual fun as we catch glimpses of strange characters and situations all playing out to the funky beat in the depths of an abandoned industrial building. Between shots of the band and singer having a great time dancing around and jamming to the song in various costumes and props, we catch the eye of some strange mysterious characters like something out of Twin Peaks. A Little Person in a Red Mask, a Devil with Sparklers, an elderly woman in lingerie and a women with her head in an industrial grinder – these are just some of the things you can expect to see in this video. Shot beautifully by Leandro Ferrão and Directed wonderfully by Coelho this video captures the true heart of the song it sells and grasps onto the amount of fun you can have in this industry. For once in a while we just need to throw on our dancing shoes and jam around the house holding the nearest object – be it a broom, the hoover or a loved one – and feel the funk.

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