Review: George The Poet “Search Party”

We want to spread some love for George The Poet here on OTE and give props for his new manifesto “Search Party”. Directed by Matthew Walker and staring George The Poet himself spreading the love and word as he does in his unique new rap quality.

“Search Party” comes at a poignant time in politics as we pass over with a UK General Election. The Video shows George in a variety of situations preaching his view of the world and the word of the impoverished from his hometown and the ends. The video begins with George seen preaching and thanking the people who made him who he is and helped inspire his career to date. Set in a church setting, a family home and the streets themselves we see the environments which still hold faith from the community. As the video progresses we see George in the business world of the industry, at events, signings and corporate settings to demonstrate where he takes the word of the people. A smiling end sets the tone of hope for the future of George and we hope he rises to the power he should!

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