Review: Hard Rock Sofa & Skidka “Arms Around Me”

This weeks Video Of The Week is continuing our theme of summer fun here at OTE and bringing you one of the most fun and hilarious videos I’ve seen this year. I won’t lie – it caught me completely off guard – but I fell in love with it in a weird and wonderful way. “Arms Around Me” from Hard Rock Sofa feat Sidka tells the bizarre love story between a highly flexible South African man and a truck stop girl of his dreams. Riotously directed by Francis Wallis this is a real treat.

“Arms Around Me” follows the plight of a highly flexible man as he tries to impress a local girl in South Africa. The video begins as we see him preparing for an evening’s wooing in the bathroom. As the song really drops into it we get to our key setting, a nighttime gas station, attended by a beautiful young woman. From here on out the most bizarre sequence of events plays out as our hero twists and turns his way into our heroines heart. The video progresses as a pre-planned duo erupts when another man appears on the scene to act as our hero’s ‘wing man’. Finally – as in all good love stories – he gets the girl, and they walk off into the night. A great, fun video to kick start the Summer. Enjoy and don’t try this at home!

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