Review: Greg Holden “Boys in the Street”

In honor of the great strides in LGBT rights this week we have chosen a new video from Greg Holden for “Boys in the Street” Directed by Brett Sullivan as out Video Of The Week this week. The video tells of the fragile and powerful relationship between father and son during the course of a gay man’s life. Told beautifully with the use of still mannequins in the family kitchen the video makes wonderful strength of emotion from such solemn still statues. The Mannequins carefully construct this story as they represent mankind at it’s base level, removing any defining features or personality other than that of the relationship between the two. The video begins as Greg Holden sings about how a father demeans his son for his sexuality, told through the dominant height of the father in relation to the son. Simple positioning, lighting and the beautiful lyrics help convey all the emotion needed upon the mannequins, allowing us to feel the full force of the situation. Through the song the father gets more and more accepting as the lighting and body language shifts between the pair. Finally as the father comes to terms with his son towards the end of the video we are left with a bright morning light as they sit on the same level opposite one another. Powerful storytelling from a wonderful cause. Well worth the watch!

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