Review: Hudson Mohawke “Warriors”

It’s not usual that we post a lyric video here on OTE but we’re making a special exception for this latest video for Hudson Mohawke “Warriors” Directed by Stef and Ivo. This iconic lyrics video paints the picture we wish we could see from all lyric videos as it treats the medium as highly in art as you would a traditional music video.

The video begins to set the tone with enormous neon letters spelling out “Hudson Mohawke” sit on a desolate snowy street. Moving into the studio we are introduced to a group of beautiful women performing to the camera. Clever use of lighting and motion graphics help create a unique atmosphere that matches the anthemic tune. Suddenly the words are projected onto the bodies of the women as then spin and move on the spot. A combination of these projections, clever motion graphics, blatant overlays and body painted lyrics sings it’s way through the song. Luminous body paint explodes into the chorus as we see the midnight letters dancing on the bodies of the women. A highly creative way of approaching this medium we think is worthy of mention.

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